a purple portal


Hello. Before I start, I want to make a suggestion of making a ritual in which we find a place of tranquility and clear our minds when reading my blog post. Maybe that's on your bed or at your local café or maybe even at your break time at work. Shall we begin?

* * *

Yesterday was spontaneous and the word "spontaneous" is going to be an overkill in this post because nothing else could ever describe how wonderful and unexpected it was to surround myself with these lovely girls that I am so proud to call my friends. I've always valued friendship and it's all I have ever figured out to do as much as I love music. Somehow they became my muse. We live in a frantic city; always have and always been. It was sunny but we decided to cozy up in a small chic French café because the sun was in my eyes. (I'm probably already blind as I barely wear my glasses). We planned on going out to have brunch and had a concept of eating actual food but instead ended up having waffles. Georgia dislikes blueberries on her waffles. Guess who ate it? I did. Of course.

Georgia's snap of the amazing waffles. (It's half 11 at night as I write this - I am hungry again)

Georgia's snap of the amazing waffles. (It's half 11 at night as I write this - I am hungry again)

After that, we decided we'd take a "quick" walk in the park and just see where it will take us because we literally weren't even sure where the entrance was and once we did, we found a small patch of crocus flowers. Polina, the sweet girl she is, pulled out her Canon camera, knelt down and took pictures instantly. I didn't even know the girl carried a camera in her bag. Her love for photography is so pure that a lovely lady noticed, talked to her and told her there is a "blanket of flowers" and gave us the direction of where it blossomed. Have you heard of the song 'Bed of Roses' by Bon Jovi? (if you haven't then listen to it loser, it has a great guitar riff).  I genuinely had a feeling of laying down on it. As we walked, the crocus flower was like a purple portal that took us in a breathtaking and almost fantastical space. Of course, we took so many photos that even a dog photobombed it. Seeing a dog any day, any time just wraps it up for me. You know the day was good when you see a dog.

purple portal

purple portal

we got photobombed by a cute fluffy dog

we got photobombed by a cute fluffy dog

Sadly, Georgia had to go from sitting down a damp log for quite sometime so it created a residue on the back of her jeans. Then there were three, Antonia, Polina and I. We continued on our venture in the park, proceeding on finding the "ruins" which was sketchy because I really did not know where to go, I just followed my instinct. When we found it, a photoshoot began out of nowhere. Antonia and I frolicked around pretending like we were professional ballerinas whilst Polina most likely captured how awkward we probably look. Don't worry, we didn't toil on Polina on taking photos. She too had a lot of time jumping off stuff. We felt like children again, although Antonia and I are 18 (Sorry, Po and G). It felt liberating to have fun. After that, we ended yesterday's day out with taking cute photos on a pink wall which Antonia spontaneously suggested and we struggled finding ways to pose. It was a colourful day. 

blurry but cute


strike a pose - oh, face. right okay. completely missed that.

girl gang xo

From my deep research and analysis of purple flowers (not really, I clicked on the first link I saw), purple flowers symbolise pride and success, which I think I can relate to today's post and probably many more. Also, purple relates to the feminism movement during the suffragettes' days, considering it was great girl's outing. Today I could say that it was an accomplishment having a group of friends who are like minded, sharing and developing each other's creativity. I can definitely take pride on that which leads to why I value friendship because that's all I have ever wanted and have ever known. You would agree, won't you?


Love endlessly, 


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