taking down 'brilliance ep'


Hey guys. 

This isn’t a bad news just to clear that up.

Brilliance EP was released on the 5th of July 2016, which means it is over one year old and I remember vividly writing the songs during winter at 16. It was the time of trial and error and I only knew the basics of recording an EP and I did the best I can. Now, having more experiences, I want to remaster Brilliance EP to the best quality as I feel that this EP (being my debut EP) deserves so much more and that starts with updating its quality. 

This means that I will pull down Brilliance EP from streaming on my website for the time being until I have a remastered copy available to stream.

I get the system that most musicians do remaster their records in a few years after the release. However, I like to think that I am doing this also for the new and current audience and myself to present something that is undeniably timeless – an important part as a musician.

You can stay updated for the new Brilliance EP all across my social medias.

Thank you for everything.

Love always,